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Learn a little about the history of Holiverbrass

Founded on January 27, 2005, Holiverbrass today occupies a prominent place in the electroplating sector, with a production capacity of High Frequency and Electronic Rectifiers from 10A to 60,000A, for electrolytic and galvanic processes, effluent treatment, copper layers , above cylinders for graphic use, laboratories, continuous wire machines, washing of parts and other metals, special models on demand, always following a strict quality standard.

Due to this quality, Holiverbrass has a solid position in the market. Present throughout Latin America, with customers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, supplying its products to the Aerospace, Automotive, Agricultural, Nautical, Military, Currencies, Graphics, Home and Decoration, Fashion, Metal Sanitary, Printed Circuit, Ecoet Painting, Tooling and Jewelry.

Holiverbrass consolidated a high standard of quality, and a deep respect for the Environment and the next generations.   

Holiverbrass stands out for its production capacity, quality and stock, always seeking full customer satisfaction.


Excelência, qualidade, produtividade, sustentabilidade, ética, credibilidade.


Ser referência global em nosso mercado de atuação, focado sempre no crescimento contínuo com transparência e responsabilidade.


Respeito às pessoas e ao meio ambiente.

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High quality products for electroplating.